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Thinking of Buying vs. Renting?

Consider the following if you think owning may be right for you;

* Monthly Trailer Payment $225
* Monthly Insurance Payment $80
* Monthly Storage Payment $90 to $125 
* Maintance after the first year when the trailer is out of warranty – $150 per hour at a dealership plus parts
* Additonal fuel cost when towing a trailer 80 miles to the gallon vs 24 plus depending on the vehicle

Owning a new trailer will run you about $5,000 per year (more or less depending on the year of the unit, storage etc)

Have the trailer delivered to your site and let Camping Adventures do all the hard work and maintenance for you. 

Above numbers are approximate and can vary

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4 Foot 5 Inch person sleeping on the fold out sofa of the 2360


Great for a small child sleeping on the sofa of the 2360. Not ideal for someone over 5 feet tall.


The dinette folds into a spacious area for most to have a comfortable nights sleep.

2017 Toy Hauler

Restroom of 2017 Toy Hauler